Junggeun OH 2015: The New York Interspaces Junggeun OH: The New York Interspaces

The Berlin based galerie son had the pleasure of having two talented interns in early 2015 during the exhibition of Junggeun OH solo show presenting New York's spaces in between.
The result were two entertaining exhibition videos made by them, plus another one on the occasion of Berlin Gallery Weekend.
Berlin Gallery Weekend 2014: KOREAKOREA 1 - south & north Berlin Gallery Weekend 2014: KOREAKOREA 1

During Berlin's spring Art Highlight, in a worlwide unique exhibition works from both North Korean and South Korean artists face each other at galerie son. Even most of the works had been created in Berlin since the artists had and are having a studio there. a must-go
Gerhard Richter: PANORAMA Gerhard Richter: PANORAMA

An arty different kind of exhibition report on the artist's retrospective. With photographs and videos having rainy glances on the show at night at Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin on February 9th of 2012.

The darkly shimmering impressive artwork series by one of the last traditional painters - Johannes HEISIG - referring to and inspired by the poems 'From the life and songs of the CROW' by Ted Hughes.
Mike MacKeldey "Mein Hauptwerk bezieht sich immer wieder auf den Kopf"

The exclusive first interview with a rising star in art: Mike MacKeldey.
confessions of a creative mind, funny and astonishing (in german).